Inner Nature

My flower-themed works represent the power of nature, its ability to grow through thick rock and to invade human-made constructions. Nature also refers to the innermost of a human being, something that pushes out and is impossible to hide forever. Even an urbanised person longs for nature and needs it to keep in touch with their body and their life.


The idea for this work originated when I felt an inexplicable desire to jump on the wall like a gecko. I couldn’t get over that mental image. I couldn’t jump on the wall, so I drew this picture.

The Wall, 150x100cm, 2019


Delicate but strong anemones grow from rock fissures. Even in the most rugged environment, life wins and is transmitted from the ground to the toes. The earth is a very close and power giving element for the human species. We must stay in connection with the earth by keeping our feet on the ground and also by picking up the energy that it gives us. Just like the earth, is also our body full of growth material.

Versio 2
Ground’s Power, 50x40cm, 2019


This work was made to celebrate 100 years old Finland. The flowers symbolise all the people who have struggled and worked hard to build this beautiful country, on a harsh base like this rocky uphill is.

Survivors, 40x30cm, 2017


From the life line grows a rose, which is known as a symbol of love. By picturing the red rose, I wanted to represent the strenght of feeling, the bursting and powerful nature of any emotion.

Blaze, 50x40cm, 2019


From the heart line grows a freesia, which means “You got me trapped!” in the language of flowers.

Sait minut ansaan
You Got Me Trapped, 50x40cm, 2019


From the fate line grows a gloxinia, a flower known as a symbol of separation.

A New Beginning, 50x40cm, 2018


From the head line grows a viola, which is known as a symbol of remembrance, considering, loving thoughts and free thinking.

Memories, 50x40cm, 2019


From the life line grows a tagetes, a flower known as a symbol of prediction.

Prediction, 40x30cm, 2018


Dancing art inspires me a lot, because it makes the postures beautiful and expressive at the same time. The body language is aesthetic and communicative without being too posing.

Versio 2
Vogue, 40x30cm, 2019


The flower of this piece was inspired by a saying: ”The flower of humor is the most beautiful one.” And it is its own kind. A little bit like an eustoma, but not at all. It’s territory consists of all parts of the world inhabited by the human species. The flower of humor and homo sapiens live in a symbiotic relationship, that dates back to 2 million years ago. The original form of the flower of humor domesticated the autralopithecus, the ancestor of hominins of the time. The evolution of both species has adapted to each other ever since. To grow the flower needs water, sun, a fertile ground and human’s carbon dioxide, warmth, touch and laughter. A human community needs it to maintain social peace. Without the flower of humor, an individual can lose their mental health and the connection to other individuals. The flower tends to emerge from scratch even in very bleak circumstances, like between two people’s hands or behind the ear of a lonely person. People have always used flowers of humor as pets and gifts. Nevertheless, every now and then they are feared and people that hold power have countless times tried to eradicate it and to ban its cultivation. Until now it has never been accomplished perfectly.

The Most Beautiful Flower, 61x91cm, 2019


From the earlobe grows a forget-me-not. A heard word sticks in the mind. The body remembers what it has heard, for both good and bad. At best, words unite people in the same way than given and received gifts.

Word II, 13x8cm, 2019, 135 €


Behind the ear grows a wood sorrel. A heard word sticks in the mind.

IMG_E3211 (1)
Word I, 16x11cm, 2019, 140 €



You can buy my artworks in Taiko, the webstore for finnish art

You can borrow some of my works from Rikhardinkatu Art Library in Helsinki

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