Graces in Greek mythology

The Graces are immortals or minor goddesses of beauty, fertility and charm and they are part of Aphrodite’s retinue. There have been several versions and combinations of the Graces in different times and in different parts of Ancient Greece. The most famous of them is the version of Eteocles in which they are three: Mirth, Splendor and Good Cheer. According to Lacedaemon they are two: Sound and Light. According to the Athenians, they are three and their names are Growth, Queen and Persuasion. In addition there has been a version of two, Growth and Queen as well as a version of three, Mirth, Splendor and Sound. The Graces have been considered as patronesses of amusement and festivities, as displayed in an ancient vase painting. There they are five and their names are Blossoms, Happiness, Play, Banquet and Night Festivities.


Balance, 120 x 146 cm, 2016

In my work, balance is one of the uniform powers that Graces build up together.


Persuasion, 30 x 21 cm, 2017


Queen, 30 x 21 cm, 2017


Growth, 30 x 21 cm, 2017


Splendor, 91 x 61 cm, 2016


Mirth, 91 x 61 cm, 2016


Good Cheer
Good Cheer, 91 x 61 cm, 2016



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