Eight Graces – The Story

Eight Graces
Eight Graces, 150 x 300 cm, 2017


A Small Divine Mistake

Aphrodite needed assistants to help her control people’s relationships. She asked Poseidon to create an island where she could place her new helpers. The next morning, the rising tide flows down from the shore of the island. In the middle of rocks, three human-looking rocks appear, covered with mermaid’s hair. Three Graces, Splendor, Mirth and Good Cheer, slowly open their eyes one after the other. First, Mirth and Good Cheer look at each other. Splendor opens her eyes alone only to watch Mirth and Good Cheer completely ignoring her. They won’t notice her until she gets up and walks away. Splendor’s destiny is to feel like an outsider in Good Cheer’s and Mirth’s presence. She finds it difficult to express her feelings, but her intelligence is priceless. The three Graces walk to the woods where they meet Aphrodite. She gives them various missions. Quickly they figure out each other’s strengths and learn to share their tasks. At night, the rising tide crawls far up on the rocky shore. In the morning, two rocks with human-like resemblance lie on the shore, drying in the sun, covered with long, soft seaweed. The three Graces are far away picking up strawberries for a love potion. The two creatures wake up. The other one turns her head, but she is blinded by a bright shine and then starts screaming. As she notices the shine comes from another Grace, there is no doubt about how they will call each other: They are Light and Sound. They get up and see some footprints in the sand and start to worry. Who has stolen their land? Three travelers emerge from the woods. ”Who are you?”, asks Sound. ”We are the three Graces. What are you doing here?”, Splendor responds. ”We are the Graces and we are two just like it’s supposed to be. Go away.” ”We are the Graces, Splendor, Mirth and Good Cheer. Haven’t you heard about us? You must be some assistans that Aphrodite has created for us. Nice to meet you. Could you hold these strawberries for a second?” Sound gets furious and shouts in Splendor’s ear so loudly that she falls on her back. Light blows at Mirth’s hair so that it sets on fire. ”Alright! You can stop. We believe that you are real Graces just like us.”, says Splendor. ”What has happened?” Light wonders. ”It appears to me that the creative work of Aphrodite hasn’t matched the human imagination. People have imagined different kinds of Graces so fast, that Aphrodite hasn’t had enough time to go them through nor to estimate their necessity. It is too late to delete any of us, thank god. So, we must get along with each other.” Splendor concludes. In the evening, all the Graces go to sleep near the woods. Sound keeps snoring so heavily she has to sleep away from the others and shining Light hides herself in a little cave. The night darkens and the waves slowly climb higher on the shore. In the morning light, Good Cheer wakes up first, yawns profoundly and turns towards the sea. ”Oh no! I should have guessed this.” she says, frustrated. The other ones wake up and hurry to look at the sea. Three creatures stand in the middle of the rocks, fiercely in a row. ”What are you staring at? Don’t you know who we are?” a new Grace named Persuasion yells. ”Get up, you lazy, and get out of our territory!” The five Graces by the woods burst out laughing. ”That’s pathetic, yet so entertaining!” says Mirth, laughing hard. After a little wrangle, the latest Graces understand that there has probably occured just a small divine mistake that can’t be undone anymore. So Growth, Queen and Persuasion join the group of the Graces. Together they spend the whole day making small bows for Aphrodite’s son Eros, the god of love. And the next morning, there are no more new strangers on the beach.

Helsinki 24.1.2017,

Aino Keinänen

Detail with Splendor, Light, Good Cheer and Mirth
Detail with Splendor, Light, Good Cheer and Mirth


Detail with Sound, Growth and Persuasion
Detail with Sound, Growth and Persuasion


Detail with Queen
Detail with Queen

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